Our Mission is simple...

Helping independent retailers realize their dreams through the promise of technology.

We are dedicated to fulfilling our mission statement through all we do. It is not possible to be all things to all people. To truly serve your customers to the highest standard, you must focus all efforts on them and avoid distraction. That's why we hyper-focus our resources and our products so that everything we do, we do exceptionally well!

We don't make websites for dentists. We don't make software for restaurants. We won't help our friend's cousin who needs a mobile app for their snow-cone stand. RWS makes the industry's best software and websites for independent retailers selling appliances, consumer electronics, furniture and mattresses.

RWS does this exclusively. RWS does this better than anyone else!

and one more thing, we are a great place to work!

RWS Team

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We have 100+ employees and growing!

We believe a strong team of talented and industrious professionals is what grows a good product into the best product. To accomplish this, RWS seeks out individuals who are not just skilled and qualified, but are also dedicated, fun to work with, and true contributors. Sound like your kinda place?

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RWS Team

What does all that mean?

No one would dispute that technology can hold great promise for business. It's easy to point to examples in any industry where great technology led to great success. Unfortunately, it's also far too easy to identify other business owners (or our own businesses) that invested heavily in technology only to be left holding a big bill but no return. At RWS, we understand this to our very core. That is why our mission is to help independent retailers realize the promise of technology.

Our job is not done until our customers have actually reaped the benefits that the promise of our technology offered them when purchased. Every one of our customers is a small business owner. Their businesses feed their families, employ their friends, stimulate their communities and power our economy every day. Their businesses run off their sweat, their investment and their dreams. Their businesses are often the legacy their parents left to them and they hope to leave to their children. Our job is to help keep them in business and make them more profitable; our job is to help them realize their dreams; our job is important and we know it! RWS keeps this serious commitment as a central tenet guiding all we do.

Our Focus

RWS technology focuses on the end users' experience in the real world. Even the coolest features are inconsequential if they are too complicated or time consuming to use! RWS actively seeks every opportunity to add deep and automated integration between manufacturers, buying groups, warehouses, distributors and retailers. These "auto-pilot" features remove burden from the retailers making it faster and easier to get information about the products they sell to their customers in their store and online

Our Service Standard

Ease of use and access to the highest standard of customer support are the essential difference between just giving retailers good tools and helping retailers succeed with great tools. Dedicated RWS Customer Account Managers help our retailers earn a great return from their eCommerce websites through their deep understanding of our customers industry and goals, friendly rapport and active advice. A Support Team dedicated to expert knowledge of our products and the industries as a whole lead to efficient and complete assistance.

It All Happens Here

Retailer Web Services is located in sunny Scottsdale Arizona. Our platform development, data integrity, design, sales and customer support teams work together to provide the most effective products and impressive service possible to our customers. We believe in investing in talented and hard-working employees, safe and stable server infrastructure and in the constant pursuit of innovation and improvement.

RWS in the Community

Here at RWS, we are always looking for ways to give back to the community.

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