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Make a bold statement with the Artisan Collection. A foundation of charcoal, ivory and chill grey is offset with random hits of blue and red for a dramatic impression. Perfect for modern spaces bordering on the contemporary.

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Inspired by the lush and inviting vistas of Washington State, the Bellevue Collection highlights the integrity of natural structures. The blues and olive greens in the soft fibers of this collection illustrate the beauty of nature while incorporating a sense of urban charm into any space.

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Soft and densely woven, the Biscayne Collection's soothing designs remind of a quiet life lived near water. Minimalist geometric textures appear in a palette of muted aqua and ivory, like etchings in seastone washed smooth by waves. Smell the marine air; capture the calm of a coastal home.

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Inspired by the rolling countryside of Southern Ontario, the Caledon Collection is imbued with rustic, rural charm. The thick twist fibers of the collection create a distinctly opulent feel, while the versatile colour palate and tribal patterns capture a relaxed scenic lifestyle.

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Against an earth desert backdrop, Coronado Collection daubs deep burgundy and indigo into its high contrast, abstract patterns. These bold designs depict a playfully rustic mid-western style. The collection takes the classic symbols and color combinations of traditional ranch aesthetic and transitions them into the twenty-first century.

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The crisp and fluid lines of European design are evident in our Europa Collection. Inspired by the cobblestone streets of central Europe, this collection captures the understated elegance of European design through a modern colour set of taupe and beige in combination with touches of light and rich blue tones.

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If carpet is a canvas, the Hawthorne Collection paints loose and free, with a casual flair for experimentation. Teal and rust, cream and lime collide on friendly terms, like watercolors dipped on a brisk afternoon. Traditional geometry and diffuse florals are lightly distressed through modern intervention, depicting a garden of dreamlike delight.

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A zenlike state. An understated mood, a light and airy texture. Neutral, minimalist comfort. In thick twisted frise , in delicate shades of grey and silver, the Himalaya Collection inspires quiet moments of contemplation and rest.

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Combining modern earthy tones with an aged feel, and fine, dense fibers with patchwork effects the Hudson Collection is a collision of contemporary and traditional style. Incorporating a fusion of charcoals, denim blues and leathery browns, these designs are dynamic enough to complement the most artful spaces.

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The Lifestyle Collection is a fusion of accessibility and appeal, designed to withstand the realities of everyday life. The pile height offers functionality without compromising design, while the variety of tones and hues compliment any de cor. The Lifestyle Collection makes luxurious living simply effortless, balancing both comfort and style.

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A vibrant hit of red across white lacquer. Charcoal set against silver. The Pacific Collection of low pile and light shag offers high contrast, functional minimalism. Clearly defined shapes - waves, swirls, blocks of color - interlock and interact in sleek, abstract style. Makes a striking impression in contemporary rooms.

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The Palazzo Collection communicates opulence and grandeur through subtle tones of burgundy with hints of green and beige. At home in estates around the world as much as the comfort of your own home, these traditional designs incorporate classic color and symbol to establish an impressive atmosphere.

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Elegant estates and picturesque landscapes inspire the Riverside Collection. Each design illustrates the movement and texture of delicate scenery through single three-ply twisted yarn, in tasteful patterns. Designs in this collection feature smooth colours and tones that complement a variety of palates, creating an environment of relaxation and serenity through cultured subtlety.

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Through the synthesis of cutting-edge design and provocative texture comes the Roxy Collection, challenging the standard and sparking creativity. This exclusive collection combines polyester and polypropylene fibers in an array of vivid colours, giving its designs a uniquely sensuous appeal that acts as a captivating foundation for chosen de cors.

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Grey and teal dominate the edgy urban designs of the Sedona Collection. Thick, twisted frise presents an impression of rugged terrain, from the imposing rock faces of distant mountains to the deep purples and greys.

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The elegance of the contrasting sand and sea shines through the Shoreline Collection with its blended fibers and covetable high-low effects. Reminiscent of lustrous ocean scenery, this collection features cool tones in conjunction with radiant shades, creating the ideal backdrop for a sensationally tranquil space.

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The intense Spectrum Collection features high contrast linear effects and unexpected patterns, even illustrative elements. Concrete grey, coral red and dirty yellow stand out against striking grid designs. Neutral bases support daring use of colour and form.

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The Urban Collection represents the ideal blend of uptown style and downtown chic, capturing the essence of the modern urban space. Taking inspiration from cosmopolitan cityscapes around the globe, these designs hold their own using a distinctive two- tone weave and a sleek, eye-catching colour palate.

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Urban Loft

The Urban Loft Collection exemplifies contemporary design with a twist. Using a bi-tone cable yarn to enhance clean, sleek interiors with its tonal diversity of browns, taupes and greys, the Urban Loft collection represents the essence of artful sophistication.

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Invite the patterns and moods of nature inside with the bracing, outdoorsy Vermont Collection. Low dense pile incorporates double shot stitching for extra density, and drop stitching to create a carved effect. In aspen and frost grey, green and taupe, savor the nearness of the elements. Fell the topographical contour and texture of landscapes.

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Patterns and textures so tactile they'll engage the senses. The Whitehaven Collection incorporates a silky twisted weave with a slight sheen to hint at aqua, ivory, charcoal and grey impressions. The effect is natural and fundamental, like weather, like nature.

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