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Retailer Web Services in is an authorized dealer of Marge Carson Products. As one of the world's largest and oldest privately-owned fine furniture companies, Marge Carson has never wavered from its commitment to delighting its customers: Phenomenal designs; smart and classy marriages of custom fabrics, finishes and trims; relentless attention to even the smallest of details; designing furniture to meet flexible lifestyles with an unabashed commitment to quality, style and romance. Their approach, and dedication, positions their upholstery, case goods and occasional furniture as the undisputed preferred furnishing for exclusive clientele. Marge Carson is a decidingly elegant yet casual look, one with generously proportioned silhouettes upholstered with the finest, most luxurious textiles and showcasing intricate, sculpted, architecturally-based designs that are as exquisite as they are functionally distinguished.

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A seamless blend of European design and distinctive Greek motifs with elegant and simple lines creates the classic, yet casual Arcadia Collection. Marge Carson's devotion to magnificent designs is reflected in this extraordinary family of architecturally inspired furnishings detailed with timeless elements, intricate marquetry, solid brass hardware, and deep rich finishes. The clean-lined, unembellished approach of Arcadia allows it to generate a widespread design appeal as it beautifully enhances both traditional and transitional interiors.

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Take a close look at the Bolero Collection and you will see contemporary touches, some Asian influence, even a little Art Deco. Although the sources of inspiration may seem diverse, they are perfectly in step with one another - much like a well-choreographed dance, with beauty and grace. Thus, the name perfectly suits this fabulous Marge Carson original as it harmoniously exudes Romance, Elegance & Style.

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Bossa Nova

While Marge Carson respectfully pays tribute to the past we are ever mindful of the present as well, as evidenced by the contemporary Bossa Nova Collection. Characterized by the signature element of the soft curved line this collection harmoniously laces together rosewood veneers, ebonized inlays, sculptural hand-fabricated metal and crystal accented hardware. Fanciful yet sophisticated, Bossa Nova achieves the perfect rhythm of Romance, Elegance & Style.

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Cross Channel

Just as the English Channel connects Great Britain to France and the rest of Europe, so the Cross Channel Collection connects the continents with an all-encompassing European inspiration including North Italian, Spanish, French, and English. The elegant, yet edgy and rustic, yet sophisticated Cross Channel Collection blends a traditional European pedigree with industrial elements such as chain-link motifs, blackened iron hardware and metal grills, along with luxurious touches like silver leaf and sequins. Cross Channel: a collection that adds a taste of luxury to the art of living and creates a unique environment for today's home ambience.

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Simple yet dramatic architectural forms are the canvas, and textural finishes ranging from light Malt to warm greige Pumice to stone-like Agate are the brush strokes that enable the new Eclipse Collection to morph from sleek contemporary to casual transitional. The organic fusion of fluid and juxtaposed shapes with hand-woven textured surfaces, sculptural hardware, and remarkable travertine creates a distinctive and tranquil environment for your home. All pieces within the Eclipse Collection can be transformed into unique items, tailored to the individual's taste and personal look, a hallmark of Marge Carson's custom ability.

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Exotic zebrawood veneers with intriguing sunburst patterns combine with dramatic forms and eye-catching materials to create a stunning contemporary statement in the Equinox Collection by Marge Carson. This collection can be interpreted and personalized in a variety of ways, from warmer and more formal, with brown finishes and satin brass hardware, to cooler and more casual, with lighter gray finishes and polished nickel hardware. Inspired by architectural forms, Equinox is a collection of virtuoso pieces with striking visual interest that offers high-end clients the opportunity to make a fashion statement and showcase a bold sense of style in their homes.

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Grand Traditions

The European-inspired Grand Traditions Collection incorporates elements of French and English design, as well as the rich beauty and elegance of seventeenth and eighteenth century Italian antiques. This collection showcases the style and grace that has established Marge Carson as an iconic luxury furniture brand with a distinctive opulent look and generous scale. Grand Traditions boasts magnificent artistry and craftsmanship that weaves fine and rare veneers, intricate carvings, hand-embellished gold and silver leaf trims, and lost-wax cast solid brass hardware together to create a collection of exquisitely designed, elegant traditional furniture.

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With a unique blend of classical and transitional furnishings, the Ionia Collection incorporates Greek, Neoclassic, and Regency styles into a sophisticated collection. Detailed with traditional architectural elements of flutes and scrolled carvings into balanced forms, each piece reflects the sense of scale and proportion that these classical periods honored. In accord with Marge Carson's renowned ability to cater to personal style, a number of beautiful finishes, trims, hardware, and textiles can be customized to create a variety of moods, suitable for any environment. All of the pieces within the Ionia Collection can be transformed into unique items, tailored to the individual's taste and personal look, a hallmark of Marge Carson's custom ability.

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Lake Shore Drive

Understated contemporary elegance comes to life in the Lake Shore Drive Collection, named for the iconic street in Chicago, the epicenter of the Mid- Century Modern design movement. Stainless steel and satin brass accents, bold geometrics, architectural shapes reminiscent of skyscrapers and warm swirl ash veneers create an exciting modern sophisticated look that still retains enough casual comfort to feel right at home in a high-rise penthouse or suburban home. The Lake Shore Drive Collection is comfortable and livable, evoking familiarity from the past, yet completely current, stylish and beautifully crafted for today's interiors.

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MC Avenue

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The style of the Maison Collection transcends expected furniture design by interweaving the classic French technique of leafed glass with curvaceous, graceful, and more contemporary forms and Art Deco accents. Maison exudes a glamorous glow and depth of richness that conveys luxury, yet is also soothing, natural, and relaxing, evoking the feeling of looking at running water or reflective light. Marge Carson's extensive customization capability is fully exhibited in this collection with a remarkable interplay of leafed glass surfaces with unique finishes, accented with trims, and artistic jewelry-like hardware. The look of Maison can range from Hollywood glam to elegant contemporary, to metropolitan, to modern casual. The choice is yours to make.

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Presented with simple lines, understated carvings, and metal accents, the Majorca Collection by Marge Carson is a blend of design influences from France, Italy, and Spain. The collection is named for Majorca, a beautiful romantic island off the coast of Spain with stone villages, wineries, citrus plantations, and steep, stunning mountains rising from the iridescent blue Mediterranean Sea. The Majorca collection is splendid and creative, incorporating intricate rope-twisted metal work reminiscent of the garden gates prominent throughout the landscapes of Southern Europe, captivating fine veneers, and custom solid brass hardware to create a collection of beautifully designed, casual traditional furniture.

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The iconic beach city of Malibu is home to glamorous celebrity mansions and sleek architecture, as well as beautiful coastal cliffs, lush canyons, and sundrenched, sandy beaches. Inspired in part by Mid-Century Modern influences and by the work of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, Marge Carson's innovative Malibu Collection skillfully merges this urban sophistication with a casual beach lifestyle. With soft, curvaceous lines and a mixture of smooth sparkle and organic materials, the leading edge Malibu Collection is current with today's new look of modern glamour in home fashion, and with the contemporary, creative, and clean direction of architecture and design today.

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Montecito Bedding

The ultimate experience in luxury bedding, the Montecito Collection strikes a harmony between materials, textures, and colors that dress up bedrooms and create an enchanting ambience ideal for the senses. Couture fabrics and trims transform into custom configurations while distinctive details such as jeweled buttons, embroidery, and hand-painted motifs add just the right touch to create a one-of-a-kind ensemble.

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Open Table

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With the introduction of the Palms Collection, Marge Carson reaches back to its California casual roots to create a fresh and current contemporary style inspired by the natural environment. Capturing the beauty of rugged coastlines, remote beaches, and serene deserts, Palms celebrates organic motifs, textured surfaces, and mixed materials. The collection pieces are crafted from environmentally-friendly tropical raffia and rift-cut American white oak that is softy wire-brushed to enhance the character of the wood grain and blend with the texture of the woven raffia. The Palms Collection fits into contemporary interiors in a softer, more holistic way that provides a bridge to nature and offers a more emotional appeal.

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Palo Alto

Customize your bedroom to fit your own sense of style with the Marge Carson Palo Alto bedroom collection. Featuring a wide variety of bed design styles, from contemporary, to shelter-back, to fully upholstered box-quilted, to traditional with tufted upholstery and nailhead trim, you are bound to find the bed that completes your unique look. Accessorize this perfect bed with our highly customizable selection of nightstands, dressers, and mirrors, available with a variety of hardware, surface, and finish options. See the customization options below.

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Piazza San Marco

Picture the Piazza San Macro in Venice, a fabled square surrounded by ancient palazzos filled with antiques and art. Marge Carson did, and the Piazza San Marco Collection was born. As with the Venetian artisan tradition, Marge Carson's devotion to beauty is reflected in this extraordinary family of architecturally inspired furnishings showcasing artful hand-painted motifs, custom hardware, deep rich finishes and extravagantly carved details accented with metal leafing. The Piazza San Marco Collection captures the sumptuous splendor of a Venetian palace and creates an aura of elegance, romance and style.

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Marge Carson's Rivoli Collection evokes a sense of calm and quietude that is often difficult to capture in this fast-paced world. Gently interpreting historical designs from France and Northern Italy, this Collection softens the best of elegant living into an opulent setting of comfort and contentment. This harmony of form and function, tranquility and sophistication, creates a widespread design appeal intriguing to the chic as well as most traditional customer.

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Rue Royale

Always at the forefront of modern fashion and design yet home to gloriously historical architecture, Paris is the quintessential melting pot of beauty. Inspired by the eclectic chic of the City of Lights with a hint of the Far East is Marge Carson's new Rue Royale Collection. As exotic and contemporary as it is classic, this collection, fitted with dazzling jewelry-inspired hardware, will transform any home into an international masterpiece.

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Reminiscent of the pace and force of the Brazilian dance for which it is named, flirtatious lines in symmetrical form share intimate twists and then briskly slide away in rhythmic succession in Marge Carson's Samba Collection. Passionate and fluid, the movement in each carefully crafted piece energizes a room's flow while integrating a distinct air of romance, elegance and style.

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Santa Barbara

Custom length (by the inch) sofas with options of three depths are combined with accompanying lounge chairs, ottomans, special wedge shaped sofa along with a versatile sectional that allows you to design your own style. Six arm styles, six base styles, three back pillow configuration and a "T" cushion or straight cushion options make having it your way a simple reality. (For custom applications not found, contact your sales representative for quotation to fit your exact needs.) Learn More

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With the power and strength of a bullfight, yet the grace of a flamenco dance, Marge Carson introduces the Seville Collection. This stunning collection reflects the Spanish city's heritage of solid designs, characterized by pieces that are generous in scale but detailed with intricate wrought iron and complex carved forms. As a result, the group is bold and substantial but, at the same time, casual and refined. Inspired by the inland seaport's rich history of trade and innovation during its "Golden Age" - Seville reaped the benefits of being at the crossroads of the Old and New Worlds, thanks to treasures found across the Atlantic by Christopher Columbus - the distinctive designs of this new collection respectfully nod to that wealthy era of the past while meeting the needs of present-day living.

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California's Sonoma County is, by nature, a restful and relaxing region offering a comfortable state of mind. Marge Carson recreates the peace and calm of this haven with the Sonoma Collection. Reminiscent of Marge Carson's roots and signature California Look, the Sonoma Collection artfully combines rich cherry veneers, dramatic Makassar ebony inlays, exotic sustainable shells, hand-wrought textured metals, stitched leather and stone. Absent of frills and abundant with comfort the Sonoma Collection is epitome of Romance, Elegance & Style.

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Fashionable lines, dramatic twists, a fusion of diverse exotic materials and warm radiant finish tones all dance in unison in Marge Carson's Tango Collection. Whether in the living room, dining room or bedroom, this collection will bring a room to life and aura of Romance, Elegance & Style.

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Trianon Court

It was during the reign of King Louis XVI that discoveries at Pompeii and Herculaneum revealed clues about the interiors of the ancient Romans and Greeks, inspiring a new form of French neoclassical furniture. Refined simplicity, subdued elegance and delicate ornamentation were the ideals of the furniture of this period and are the hallmark of Marge Carson's Trianon Court Collection today.

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Sun-drenched rolling hills seasoned with sunflowers, olive groves and cypress trees set the stage for Italy's Umbria region. Marge Carson's Umbria Collection personifies Italian heritage and reflects the great warmth and welcome that the inviting countryside villas convey while adding signature elegance and comfort.

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For hundreds of years, the mere mention of the fair city of Verona has evoked tender visions of moonlit balconies, elegant palazzos, and heartfelt passion. Capturing the heritage, romance and luxury of old world Northern Italy is Marge Carson's breathtaking Verona Collection.

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Villa Argenta

From the deep passes and vineyards of Spain through the robust beauty of Northern Italy, Marge Carson proudly introduces Villa Argenta, a collection that captures the spirit of genteel times when leisure was considered a treasure. Deep in tradition and craftsmanship, defined by raised panels and hand carved mouldings, Villa Argenta transports you to that timeless region of our world.

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Rolling hills and princely chateaux. Acres of vineyards and lavender harvests. Visions of romance are infinite when one dreams of the Vouvray region of the French countryside. With the introduction of the Vouvray Collection, Marge Carson interprets the dream and brings the reality home.

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