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Retailer Web Services in is an authorized dealer of Sherle Wagner Products. Since its founding in 1945, Sherle Wagner International has been the premier source, world-wide, for luxury hardware and bath accessories. Each item in Sherle Wagner’s collection, whether a faucet, a piece of fine furniture, or a sumptuous wall covering, is created with an eye for superb design and the highest quality of American craftsmanship for which they have been known for over 65 years.

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Sherle Wagner's Apollo Collection harkens back to the cool sophistication of mid-century American design. It was designed by Mr. Wagner himself to adorn his chic apartment overlooking Central Park. Each item in the Apollo Collection is available in a variety of finishes and can be enhanced by a rich array of semi-precious stones.

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Grey I
The cool and refined Grey I series draws on graceful curves and
minimal ornamentation for a softer take on the Grey II series.

Grey II
The crisp lines and slightly nautical feel of the Grey II series
will add a fresh sophistication to your bathroom.

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The classic silhouette of the Harrison Collection is a nod to the clean and sleek lines of modern American design. The sophisticated simplicity of this elegant grouping of fixtures, fittings and accessories will add a chic and refined quality to your bathroom.

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Ming Blossom

Invoke the mysteries of the Orient with Sherle Wagner's rich Ming Blossom collection. The meticulously hand-painted porcelain fixtures, finishes and accessories of this splendid series will delight the eye while adding a note of exotic spice to your home.

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Onyx is among the most majestic of earth's creations. The subtle and opaque qualities of this handsome element will give your bathroom fittings, accessories and fixtures a feeling of substance and understated elegance.

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Ribbon & Reed

The ribbon and reed motif finds its origins in Roman architecture, where it is a symbol of authority. A long time favorite in European and American design, the Ribbon & Reed collection will bring a timeless elegance to your home.

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Rock Crystal

Sherle Wagner's rock crystal finishes will add a gleaming luminescence to your bathroom. Each piece has a jewel-like quality and is expertly cut like the finest of gemstones. The colors of surrounding objects will be illuminated and refracted by these magnificent elements.

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Scalloped China

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For time immemorial, swans have been revered for their mystery and beauty. They can be found in legendary tales that reach from Greek mythology to the architecture of French kings, to modern-day culture. Sherle Wagner's elegant Swan Collection will evoke the poise and strength of this fabled creature, bringing an elegant and graceful quality to your bathroom or bar.

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