RE:THiNK 11 Tactics

11 Surprising Things...

You should do now to win retail customers in the digital age.

Independent retailers of durable goods like appliances, furniture, mattresses and home electronics don't have time or money to waste trying to adopt the latest broader retail fads. You need practical, actionable advice that is grounded in the way retail consumers shop for the products you sell right now.

That's the purpose of the book in your hands: to answer these questions clearly and efficiently, focusing on 11 tactics anyone in durable goods retail can implement to beat your competition, no matter how big or small they might be.

This insight is the result of direct consumer feedback collected through proprietary research conducted with consumers across the country. What we learned was shocking to us, and we promise it will absolutely challenge some fundamental assumptions you make about your own business.

We've distilled the key findings into 11 self-contained chapters that can be read quickly and in any order. Each chapter brings together our own research and supporting examples, providing you with actionable, concrete, data-driven steps you can take to put the unconventional wisdom we learned to use in your own business.

This book serves as a guidebook for independent retailers like you, eliminating uncertainty, helping you focus, and charting a clear path to success for you and your business in these rapidly changing times.

What People Are Saying About RE:THiNK

A great read for any retailer in today's digital age. Even if you implement just one idea successfully from this book, it will be well worth the ROI.

Shama Hyder

CEO of The Marketing Zen Group & best-selling author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing

Prepare to look at digital with a new lens. Newbies and digital retail veterans alike will find this a compelling, assumption-challenging read.

Todd E. Scott

Digital Retail Integration & Merchandising Manager, Electrolux Major Appliances

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