Why you should work with RWS

Why you should work with Retailer Web Services


No one helps more retailers plan and execute their digital strategy than we do. More than 2,000 Appliance, Electronics, Furniture and Mattress retailers trust RWS with their store's digital marketing needs. On an average day, the websites we operate for these stores are used by more than 1.2 million consumers across the United States. No other provider even comes close.

Product Data

We set the standard for product data in our industry with the largest, richest and most complete digital product catalog available. Our database contains over 1,200 brands and more than 4 million products.


Because RWS runs countless websites and digital marketing campaigns, we have access to more data and analytics than anyone else. We create more than 450 cross-network digital promotions each year and gather an average of 13,600 data points during each - that's more than 2.4 million pieces of information we use to continually improve performance. We don't have to guess at what works and what doesn't - we know. And you will too.


You shouldn't have to waste time finding a different provider for every need and then wrestle to get them all to work together. We are the only company that offers an integrated suite of all the technology required to execute a complete digital strategy: digital advertising, world class website, in-store technology enablement, reputation management and analytics. No pointing fingers. One phone number no matter what help you need. Integrated products that talk to one another and are easy to learn and use.


We are laser focused on your industry with the experience, know-how and connections to get things done. We don't make websites for real estate agents, dentists or lawyers - we only serve independent Appliance, Electronics, Furniture and Mattress retailers. like you! Don't waste time explaining your business to a novice: allow us to bring you innovative and informed solutions.

A trusted advisor, when you need it

When you work with RWS, you have the largest specialized technology team in the industry - more than 100 full time RWS employees - working every day for you. Our team includes over 12 full time Certified Digital Advisors to help you find the right solutions for your store's needs: they have more than 75 collective years of digital marketing experience, have helped more than 2,000 retailers build their businesses, published two full length books and more than 130 articles and white­papers. Beyond your Certified Digital Advisors, you also have access to a Dedicated Account Manager for day-to-day support and a team of more than 15 professional designers to bring your unique vision to life.

Cancel any time

We believe as good as our products are, we still need to earn your business each and every day. That's why every product we offer is a cancel-any-time proposition. This is our commitment to you: we will never lock you in, tie you up or let you down.

Let the industry's only complete digital product suite work for you

Let the industry's only complete digital product suite work for you

Proactive data, analytics and tips will help your store's performance continually improve.

All of our products include advanced analytics features at no additional cost to you. Our dedicated account managers regularly review your analytics and provide expert advice on how to continually improve your store's performance.

Marketing Activity Analytics

Find out how your automated online promotions are performing in real time. Compare performance across promotions to learn what your prospects respond to best.

Progressive Profiling

View detailed reports of how your customers get to interact with and return to your WebFront®. See what products they viewed, automatically re-market to them and export information too.

RetailDeck® Activity Tracking

Generate reports of how many product searches were completed, price quotes delivered, tags printed and more, overall or by individual sales person.

Hot Prospects

WebFronts® Level 4 automatically sends you emails with who's on your site right now, how to contact them and exactly what products they're looking at.

Know Your Rating

Track your responses to all reviews in one central location, monitor response rates to email and text solicitations and see how your star rating evolves over time.

Campaign Stats

Know exactly how each and every digital advertising campaign performed with detailed analytics reports available in the AdRocket™ app after each campaign is complete.

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