Recommendation: Add Live Chat To Your Site

Consumers everywhere are staying in their homes as much as possible. More than ever before, they need multiple ways to communicate with your business without coming into your showroom. We recommend all our WebFronts® customers add live chat to their sites - if they have not already done so - as soon as possible.

We Recommend Using

Though we support integrating several different chat programs, we are recommending one in particular to make it quick and easy for you to get started: We chose this chat product because it:

  • is quick to create a new account
  • is free for as many employees as you want to use it
  • and it does not require you to download any software to use it

Plus, if you ever need to, you can pay to have their agents answer your chat messages instead of your own staff.

Step 1: Sign Up For Web Chat

Signing up for Web Chat is quick and easy. Watch this short one minute video, or follow the written instructions below:

  1. Go to and click the green “Sign Up Free” button
  2. Enter your name, email, & desired password
  3. Select your language and click the “Next: Create Property” button
  4. Enter your Site Name and URL and click the “Next: Add team members” button
  5. Add any team members that you would like to be able to control and/or answer your chats, then click “Next: Install Widget”

When you are done signing up you will automatically be sent an email; it will have the subject “Property chat code for [Your Store’s Name]” and it contains the code you will have to provide to RWS when you move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Then Ask RWS To Add Web Chat To Your Site

Once you receive that email from, contact us to request we add it to your site. We will implement the code as soon as possible and provide you with confirmation once it is installed on your site.

How do you respond to chats once your web chat is up and running?

Upon signing up for your chat feature you will be directed to your Dashboard. Here you can manage your active chats, view your chat history, manage your account settings, customize your chat widget and more. We encourage you to check out the Knowledgebase for helpful information on how to use the web chat.

Who do you contact if you need help with your web chat?

Once we have it up and running on your site, you might need help while using it. For support with your webchat, you can contact at their website by utilizing the chat feature on their site to chat with them directly.

More recommendations are on the way:

We are busy preparing several specific and actionable recommendations - and how we can help you implement them fast - to help your business through this difficult time. Be on the lookout for more communications like this coming soon. Upcoming topics include:

  • pre-made banners and landing pages about how to shop with you as things evolve
  • changing hours
  • offering new delivery options to increase safety and peace of mind
  • getting prices (or more of them) online
  • and more

Wishing you health, safety and support,

The RWS Team

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