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And we're migrating every WebFronts customer to the amazing new look for FREE!

To thank you for your business, invest in your successful future and to live our core value of continuous sustainable improvement we’ll be upgrading all WebFronts customers – on all levels – to the new platform at no charge.

Meet Socrates!

WebFronts is constantly evolving to take advantage of new technological developments and changing consumer preferences. Improvements are iterated on or added to your existing site constantly, but every few years we really blow the doors off by designing an entirely new platform around the most significant changes in tech and consumer behavior since the last. The 5th generation of this process completed beta testing September 1st and is ready for you. Meet Socrates!

What's cool about Socrates?

What's cool about Socrates?

With over one million dollars invested in the new platform, there are so many exciting improvements we can't wait to share with you. Here are just some of our favorites:

  • Full Screen
  • Your entire site - or just certain sections of it if you prefer - can automatically expand to any screen size no matter how large.
  • Responsive
  • Don't settle for an adaptive or a responsive mobile site, the new platform has the best of both with the popular responsive mobile look and the fine control of adaptive mobile technology too. No matter the device, your website will always be the same!
  • Atypical Hours
  • Going to be closed for an upcoming holiday? Set your holiday hours for any specific dates as far in the future as you want. They'll show up and disappear at the right time automatically.
  • Advanced Flagging
  • Makes it easy to show what's special about specific products like those that are on display in your showroom, available for delivery today, best sellers, on clearance and more.
  • Mobile-first Checkout
  • Increases ticket sizes, the number of started carts and checkout completion rates too with an experience designed to make completing online orders right from your smartphone easy.
  • Easy migration
  • Makes sure migrating your site to Socrates painless. Preview your new look before going live and keep your existing WebFronts App account. There's no need to re-do any work, you won't lose historical data and there's no downtime at all during the switch!

Retailers are falling in with Socrates

WebFronts Secure Your Place in Line
Secure your place in line

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You deserve better than a cookie-cutter website! That’s why each migration is hand-coded by one of our professional web designers. There's no charge to migrate your site to the latest Socrates design platform if you sign-up and go through our current first come, first served migration procedure.

If you’re on Level 4, sign up to secure your place in line whenever you’re ready by completing the online form at ReadyForSocrates.com.

WebFronts Level 4

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Upgrade now and you can secure your place in line for Socrates sooner and enjoy all the amazing marketing automation functionality Level 4 makes effortless.

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