FlashTags powered by WebFronts®

Now WebFronts® does digital price tags with the release of Flash Tags!

This latest solution from RWS makes it easier and more affordable than ever to power electronic shelf labels (ESLs) on your showroom floor.

An increasingly volatile market makes it difficult to keep the prices in your store accurate and up to date. FlashTags solves this challenge by automatically updating your ESLs when prices on your website - or other conditions you define - change. No more wasted hours reprinting tags. No more embarrassment when you fall behind. No more lost profit opportunities!

FlashTags Data

The Data

FlashTags uses the same product data that powers your WebFront. As a result, model numbers, descriptions, dimensions, additional colors, reviews, rebates and more are available to include and update on tags automatically.

FlashTags Prices

The Prices

FlashTags can show the prices displayed on your website or you can use custom columns and formulas in the WebFronts app to display different prices on tags.

FlashTags Speed

The Speed

FlashTags will update your ESL when any information on the tag changes, e.g., prices, rebates and more. Also FlashTags will compare current tags to each model's up-to-the-minute information. If there are any differences, a new and up-to-date image will be flashed to the tag.

FlashTags On Display

‘On Display’

Any model with an ESL set up in FlashTags will automatically be labeled “On Display” on your WebFront, providing consumers with information on the models that are in-store and on the showroom floor.

FlashTags Smart Search Placement

Smart Search Placement

You can carefully curate the models you display in your stores. Any model with an ESL set up in FlashTags can automatically receive preferential search placement on your WebFront. This elevates your most important models to the top of your site’s search results, increasing the likelihood of consumer views.

FlashTags ESL Activity Log

ESL Activity Log

The FlashTags app keeps a dynamic log of every update—both manual and automatic updates—throughout the day. You can view at-a-glance how often your tags are updating, or view details, i.e., what image was sent, and when to any specific tag.

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