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WebFronts® Testimonials

If our customers are not succeeding, neither are we.

Here is a small glimpse at the impact our WebFronts® have made for a few of our clients. If you have a story to share about your WebFront®, we would love to hear it.

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  Elizabeth Crook

Sales, Bluemkes
Rosendale, WI

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I would tell anyone to buy it NOW. Don't delay. It will impact your business.

We asked Elizabeth: "If she could go back in time to when she was first thinking about getting a WebFronts® site, what would she tell herself?"

We are a family owned store, and I work with three generations. I had trouble convincing the older generation (my parents) that $500 a month was advertising money well spent.

We delayed upgrading to the WebFronts® - for way too long. I would tell anyone to buy it NOW. Don't delay. It will impact your business.


We asked: "How her WebFronts® site stacked up against her competitors' web sites?" She said:
Much more professional. VERY strong search engine. I have fielded legitimate calls from the state of Washington several times (our dealership is in Wisconsin) who say our website came up on page one when they Googled a particular mattress.

Then we asked: "If WebFronts® wasn't available, and she had to build, design, maintain, market and pay for an effective website... how would she do it?" She told us:
It wouldn't happen. Too many model numbers to deal with and too much pricing that manufacturers change too often. We would need to hire someone for probably at least 20 hrs per week to address all this. It is always very up to date and accurate concerning pricing and models...all without me ever thinking about it!

When we asked: "Have you seen an impact from your WebFronts® site in your store?" Elizabeth answered:
Wow... we continue to be amazed at the increase in sales related directly to WebFronts®. 2012 was increased by $200,000, with at least half of that being directly related to WebFronts®

I just received a call last week from a young couple, buying their first home.This age group is more likely to do research on-line and then check out websites. I closed the $3000 without ever meeting these people and then delivered the product. Just Amazing! We have several other similar stories such as these.

  Ed Stout

Owner, Illini Mattress
Champaign, IL

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The website has made my job easier.

My clients know what products I have to sell, so do my employees, they also understand my delivery, my company, and the approximate costs. It makes the sales process much easier for everyone and more efficient.


Since the site launched in December business has picked up significantly. Our customers refer to the site when they call and come in. We know they love it because that's exactly what they tell us. We have a small percentage of clients that actually placed their orders online using the website.

I believe the success of the site can be attributed to the aesthetics, we show we are family owned and operated, and search engine placement is also a factor. We are SATURATED times 3 with competition and yet business has been remarkable since we launched the service.

Jan Stout
Owner, Illini Mattress
Champaign, IL

We couldn't be happier with our site. It's been in effect for 90 days and our business hasn't been better during this period in over 23 years. Dad is shocked. Some clients can't come in the store, our customers are much more informed about making their purchase , we have no challenges competing with the best of the best. We look like the most significant resource and provider.

Kristin Blackwell
Sales Manager, Illini Mattress
Champaign, IL

  Arthur Redding

Owner, Hudson Appliance
Hudson, MA

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Our internet business has tripled...

for sales, service, informed questions, and requests for quotes. It has been performing beyond our expectations - we are getting the internet traffic - when we need changes or additions to the site, they are done fast and correct the first time.


In the first month of the new site being launched, we noticed more unique visitors in that month than we had seen in any previous month over the past 6 years. We also received online orders the very first day.

We're also seeing it's not just the young and middle aged consumers online, we're seeing the older generation too. We get the calls, the questions, and they come back and buy.

The impact of the site on our business, it has doubled and I see about 2-3% of the sales being made online and growing. The website has opened our store 24/7 for the customer. The website has also taken the burden off of us - the client can now answer their own questions, most of the time and look to us for our expert advice.

  Thomas Idzior

Owner, Idzior Furniture
Pinconning, MI

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Our online positioning is always top 5...

The response from our customers is beyond expectations. We are in a local market, we have one big box competitor who has 30 stores. Even during our slow season and with the state of the economy the WebFront is bringing us business and making us a lot more money than it costs.


Our online positioning is always top 5 and we see a lot of new customers that originate from this. We estimate this has increased the number of customers we see by 50%. We could not ask for anything more. We still advertise on TV and we've placed our TV ads on our website. However the newspaper advertising has taken a back seat . The WebFront has given us the quality online presence we wanted and based on the successes we've come to realize, evidently that our customers wanted too. The quality of the WebFront and our high end brands complement each other perfectly.

We spend about 2 hours a week on the site merchandising. This is an investment that is well worth it! It has far exceeded all expectations - Financial, ROI, Quality and Service. It is elegant, easy to operate and compels the customer to do business with us, regardless of our store size or volume of inventory. We outperform our competition with service and quality.

  Kevin Johnson

Technical Director, H&H Appliance
East Windsor, NJ

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The service is amazing.

I call mid morning, my account manager is always there, he's always got the answer and a solution and it always gets taken care of in a timely manner. I'm kept appraised of things I need to do and automatic updates, he's very good at creating things I need - what more can I say.


The WebFront itself, it's visible, everyone sees it online and refers to it - it's always on page one of Google for things that we search for and I'm not paying extra to be there. I have no worries about being seen online, it's been working perfectly, thus far.

Being online with this solution is a given, we don't even question it! While we still do some advertising & marketing on radio, print and TV, we question these channels a lot.