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Today every consumer expects your store to deliver an online shopping experience that is just as convenient and just as featureful as the big boxes do. That’s why every single WebFront - no matter the level - comes complete with a secure transactional shopping cart. We make it easy to start ecommerce without any risk or added fees.

Use the cart as much or as little as you want! WebFronts adjusts the call to action on a product-by-product basis in real time to direct consumers to either add an item to their cart or request a quote. Easily control where you want to accept orders from, tax and delivery prices, upsells, cross-sells and more.


Safe, Secure and Compliant

When it comes to your customers, your business and sensitive information like credit card numbers, passwords and email addresses, security is vital. Many other web providers leave the very technical and significant concern of website security for you to figure out all by yourself. This is one corner you don’t want to cut – make sure your site is safe, secure and compliant at all times.

WebFronts knows online security is not something to gamble with. That’s why all shopping cart transactions on WebFronts websites take place over secure (SSL) connections. This means all sharing of information during the checkout process is done over secure, private connections established by an encrypted link between WebFronts servers and the user’s browser. Not only does this prevent the threat of information being taken during transit, it’s an important trust signal between your business and your customers. When your site is equipped with SSL, users will see a visual cue – generally a lock icon in the URL bar of their browser – letting them know their connection is secured.

All WebFronts shopping carts also comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) – a set of security standards designed to ensure companies accepting, processing, storing and/or transmitting credit card information are maintaining a secure environment. Unfortunately, there are other vendors in the industry who are not PCI compliant and may even claim it’s not necessary to be so. This is not the case. For your own protection, demand any web vendor you work with is PCI compliant and can prove it to you by proving a current Attestation of Compliance certificate.

WebFronts Cart: Safe, Secure and Compliant
RWS eCommerce Award
RWS Named Best

RWS Named Best eCommerce Provider

Honored in annual eCommerce publication 2 years in a row!

CIOReview released their first annual eCommerce Edition in 2016 by naming the 20 Most Promising E-Commerce Solution Providers of the year. Retailer Web Services and our WebFronts product were so proud to be chosen for their inaugural edition - and then honored a 2nd year in a row in as the eCommerce provider featured on their cover!

Read the CIOReview article Retailer Web Services: Leveling the Playing Field In Retail from their March 2017 edition by clicking here.

E-Commerce Awards
WebFronts Does More eCommerce Than Any Other Provider

WebFronts Does More eCommerce Than Any Other Provider

Trust the provider that already facilitates more online transactions for independently owned appliance, furniture and mattress retailers than anyone else in the business. WebFronts sites have accepted over $45 million in orders over the last 12 months*. That doesn’t even include the over 167,000 additional quote requests just waiting for retailers to turn into profitable sales.

Validate Credit Cards Automatically

You don’t have time to deal with fake orders so don’t settle for something that looks like a shopping cart…but doesn’t really validate the information entered is correct. WebFronts shopping carts all include LUHN validation, which ensures the credit card numbers entered by consumers during checkout are real card numbers – not just a random string of 16 digits! The LUHN Algorithm was created by IBM scientist Hans Peter Luhn and is the industry standard for validating credit card numbers during checkout without requiring any costly authorization charges to your business.

WebFronts Integrates With Authorize.NET

You don’t have to set up anything new or fancy to process your WebFronts eCommerce orders – you can use the same merchant services you already have in place in your store. But if you do want to bypass your regular merchant services and collect payment with one click directly from your WebFronts orders you can do that too! WebFronts integrates with Authorize.Net – the largest and most popular online payment processing gateway. There is no charge from RWS for the integration – just set up an account with Authorize.Net and provide RWS with your account information one time. The integration takes just a few seconds to complete.

WebFronts Integrates With PayPal®

WebFronts seamlessly integrates with PayPal for customer transactions on your website. Be one step ahead by offering your customers this option at checkout! PayPal is a secure way for your customers to shop online, leaving them confident and comfortable engaging in e-commerce on your website. There is no charge from RWS for the integration – just set up a business account with PayPal and let us know you are interested in moving forward with the integration so we can help with your next steps.

Do It All With a Dual Shopping Cart and Quote Request System

We know that not every retailer is ready to do eCommerce from day 1. And even if you are, you may not want to – or even be able to! – offer eCommerce for every single product or brand on your website. That’s why every WebFront, no matter which Level you choose, comes with a Dual Shopping Cart and Quote System.

WebFront’s Dual Cart and Quote system works automatically without you having to extend any extra effort. Every page of your WebFront adjusts itself dynamically on a product-by-product basis to ensure your site is always providing consumers with (1) the most comfortable and (2) the most effective call to action. Here’s more about how it works.

Specific Sale Price
Specific Sale Price

If you set a Sale Price to show for a model on your WebFront, like $899 (a price like this can be set specifically, or it may be calculated from a formula like the largest value of either map-10%, Home Depot’s or PC Richard’s price today), the call to action will be "Add to Cart". Clicking on that will take consumers through the WebFronts Shopping Cart system.

Call For Best Price
Call For Best Price

On the same website, you may have another model that does not have a dollar value set as it’s Sale Price, let’s say you are instead displaying text like "Call for Today’s Best Price". WebFronts will automatically change the call to action on that product’s page to instead be "Request a Quote". Clicking on that will take consumers through the WebFronts Quote Request system.

You don’t have to do any extra work. Your WebFront is always moving consumers further down the purchase path, and in a way that keeps them feeling safe and comfortable!

Different Prices Outside vs. Inside the Cart

It’s Easy to Show Different Prices Outside vs. Inside the Cart

Looking for all the tools you need to show a different price inside the shopping cart than out? No problem! WebFronts makes it quick and easy with our Out-of-Cart Pricing feature. For any model you want to show different pricing outside vs. inside the cart, simply enter the higher price you want shown outside the cart in the Out of Cart column – WebFronts will take care of everything else automatically!

Your site will automatically:
  Display the "Out of Cart" value on the product and catalog pages
  Along with a message that explains a lower price may be available in the cart
  And when added to the cart, the lower Sale Price will be displayed

Out of Cart Price
Your Delivery, Your Delivery Prices
Your Delivery, Your Delivery Prices

Your Delivery, Your Delivery Prices!

The products you sell are big and heavy and often require expert installation, making your delivery services an important differentiator between you and your competitors. WebFronts facilitates detailed Shipping Calculators so you can provide just the right options at just the prices to consumers checking out on your site. Want to offer free delivery…but only if your order totals $999 or more and it be delivered within 35 miles of your store’s location? No problem! WebFronts has you covered.


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