WebFronts App

The WebFronts App: Control At Your Fingertips.

The App is so powerful, there's not enough room to list everything you can do with it, but here are just a few highlights:

Get Their Attention

Edit the rotating promo images on your home page.

Take full advantage of your homepage's largest advertising section.

Add or remove promotions, make changes to existing ones and even set automatic start and end dates so you don't have to remember to post date specific ones on specific days during busy holiday sales.

WebFronts App: Edit Rotating Promo Images
WebFronts App: Control the appearance of products on your site
Limitless Potential

Control the appearance of products on your site.

Change the products on your site with a few clicks.

Add or remove a single product, or use our awesome tools to control products in bulk and automate their appearance in the future. Want to add all active Kueco products to your site? One click is all it takes and it will add new ones and remove discontinued items automatically as those changes occur without you lifting a finger.

Create product packages and site specials

Create product packages and site specials.

The WebFronts App offers a variety of promotional options.

It takes only seconds to create compelling product packages (such as a complete bathroom suite with a toilet, sink, faucet, your choice of a tub or shower set and optional matching towel bars, robe hooks and toilet paper holder).

Want to set up a "Clearance" section, or maybe a "Staff Picks" area? Simply check off the items you want to appear there and it all happens automatically.

WebFronts App: Create Product Packages WebFronts App: Create site specials
WebFronts App: Helpful Knowledge Base
Helpful Knowledge Base

Helpful Knowledge Base

The WebFronts App also comes equipped with a variety of video tutorials.

But don't forget – your dedicated account manager is never more than a phone call or email away!

Need more training? A new promo image? Assistance modifying your online pricing strategy? You'll never be alone in these endeavors; e-mail your Account Manager or call their direct line for help.

Advanced Pricing Tools

Advanced Pricing Tools

We offer a variety of options to help you set your pricing. Pricing products on your WebFront is always optional but if you do, the WebFronts App makes it super easy!

Set prices by hand

Want to advertise a sofa for $599 in your clearance center? Or let your prospects know the price of the queen mattress alone is $1299, but it's $1499 with the matching boxspring or $1899 with the adjustable base? It's so easy! Just type the price you want and your website will update automatically.

Import prices from excel

If you have price sheets from vendors, or even an export from your POS, the App makes it easy to upload prices in bulk. Just select the file you want to import, tell the App which column contains the model number, which one contains the prices, and where you want those prices to go and you're done! Upload hundreds or thousands of prices in seconds.

Ashley EDI & API Integration

If you sell Ashley Furniture products, your WebFronts App makes it completely effortless to control the contents and pricing on your site! We'll integrate an individualized Ashley EDI & API feed with your WebFronts App. That means every 24 hours your site will automatically adjust to only include the Ashley products you are authorized to sell. And if you want to set prices? Automate them off your Ashley cost and freight charges to set thousands in just seconds...and they'll update themselves every day.

Warehouse Integration

The WebFronts App is also integrated deeply with several warehouses and distributors. These include all the NECO chapters and D&H, a distributor of home electronics and technology products in the US. Automate the appearance of items off the stock levels of your affiliated warehouse; your site will adjust itself every day! And automate pricing with our extensive pricing formula tools off of your cost and other guide pricing supplied by your affiliated warehouses.

Set prices with automated formulas

Want to price all your Electrolux products at

  MAP - 10%
  Your cost as an ADC member + 20%
  or the lowest price of Sears or Lowes - $1...
  whichever price of the three is the highest?

You got it! Set it once and your prices will update themselves every day. Set your pricing formulas by category, subcategory, brand, brand + category, brand + subcategory, by imported list, current search or individually!

Use our extensive guide pricing:

We collect and track thousands of guide prices like MSRP, MAP, Promotional MAPs, Big Box Competitor prices and even your costs from individual buying groups, vendors with EDI & API feeds like Ashley and distributors like D&H. Use our extensive collection of pricing formulas to automate thousands of prices that keep themselves up to date every day or just to say well informed of your marketplace. Add to our guide pricing by importing your own information. *Guide pricing availability varies by industry and brand and is most complete in the Appliance and Electronics industries.

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