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Market Research: Consumer Behavior

White Paper Series
Consumer Behavior: How and Why?

Between June 8th and July 20th 2014, we surveyed 1,468 consumers from all over the United States. We surveyed 300 people by telephone and 1,168 people answered surveys online. The responses obtained by telephone and online showed no statistically significant variation in the answers received to any question.

Consumer Behavior: How and Why Infographic

Survey Method

We surveyed 1,468 consumers from all over the United States. We surveyed 300 people by telephone and 1,168 people via online surveys. The telephone and online responses showed no significant statistically variation in the answers.

Survey Sample

We compiled survey responses from consumers across the United States. We had responses from all 50 states. Survey responses were spread evenly when compared with the US general population distribution.

Survey Timeline

Our survey was conducted over the a six week period (June 8th and July 20th 2014). Over the course of nearly six months, we analyzed the the information we collected. The results may suprise you!

Our Goal

We wanted to understand consumer behavior and expectations online. Our goal: Use this information to help you capture a greater amount of your prospected customers and make more informed business decisions about your website.

Find out more about how we conducted and analyzed our research

Appliance Store Thumbnail

AUGUST 15, 2014

Small town appliance stores and websites don't mix.

Over the years, we have heard this from hundreds of different retailers. Frankly, before conducting this survey, we always thought there was some truth to the belief that being in a small town made having a really great website less valuable when compared with being in a big city.

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Furniture Store Thumbnail

AUGUST 15, 2014

Small town furniture stores and websites don't mix.

We wanted our survey to be as broad as possible, so we took special care to make sure that we talked with people not only from big cities but also from small towns. We succeeded!

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Prospects Thumbnail

AUGUST 15, 2014

My customers already know me.

When we asked our survey participants to name all of the appliance, furniture and electronics stores that they know in their area – the results where a bit shocking!

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AUGUST 15, 2014

Product Data: Essential to Success

Having accurate, complete and authoritative product data on your website is important for two primary reasons. Read this white paper to find out what they are!

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Quality Thumbnail

AUGUST 15, 2014

Website Quality: Essential to Success

Prospective customers demand that your website include complete product information, have a very effective full text search feature, have a very high quality design and be free of any broken links or dead end pages.

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Displaying Pricing: The Facts

We have heard this from hundreds of retailers. Frankly, before conducting this survey, we thought there might be some truth to this belief. However, we found the idea that displaying your prices results in the loss of potential business is – fiction. It is simply not true – and we can prove it!

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OCTOBER 30, 2014

I Know I Need a Website, I'm Just Too Busy

We know having a website is vitally important to your business! Many retailers are afraid to spend the money on a website for their store because they have convinced themselves that they don't have the time to create the site, the staff to help maintain it, or the smarts or know-how to use the technology involved.

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